Research Behind Accelerated Body Evolution Treatments

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Here at Accelerated Body Evolution we pride ourselves on choosing devices and treatments which are backed by serious research. This page is dedicated to providing you with the research for our devices and procedures. Please click any link that you like to see what the research is backing the usage of these devices. All devices are non-surgical. We use HIFEM energy, TPE energy, RF energy and US energy. No lasers here at this point. We also do micro-channeling of the skin. And we have a Bemer device that helps open up the circulatory channels of your capillaries to aid in overall wellbeing and health.

Please peruse any and all of our research included here. Some are summaries. Some are from journals. Let us know what you think and if you have any questions.

Please understand, as well, that results, OF COURSE, vary. Humans are unique and as such we cannot guarantee any results. Your result WILL vary. It's the nature of life. But we include here links to all the research we have to back up our claims here on our website. The Big "G" demands that in order for us to do business, we must make this clear. So I am making it clear here. Your results may vary. All our devices are FDA cleared for the purposes we have in this website.





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