The Power of Gratitude on Your Health and Well-Being

The Power of Gratitude

I would like to share my thoughts on the power of gratitude from behind the curtain-owning a high end body sculpting clinic.  

Here we are now post the Thanksgiving holiday.  Have you remembered to remain grateful or has that already passed in a few weeks of consumer driven insanity?  I have been relaxing and reflecting on my life, my business, my friends and my family. All areas where I want to focus some time to sort out what’s next.

Why I Love What I Do

What I do know is that I enjoy my business and the work immensely. I adore my team and think that it’s just peachy that we laugh so much at one another’s foibles while still taking the work that we do very seriously.

Keeping our patients happy and healthy while providing them with the tools needed to help everyone become more active, more confident and more in love with themselves in the best possible way is something we take seriously.

The energies the devices utilize to create absolutely amazing results are serious stuff. While we play and have fun and tease one another on the team, we take every patient’s history and concerns very seriously.

When you see us laughing so hard we’re crying and when you hear us talking about how ditzy one of us can be… not for a second should you believe that we don’t take you, your health and wellbeing and your body very seriously. We want you to feel safe and relaxed while you’re here.

The Power of Gratitude 

Another thing that’s been on my mind is about the power of gratitude. In a previous life, I was a psychotherapist, and I focused on people’s emotional issues about money and finance. It was very illuminating hearing people’s thoughts, opinions and convictions about money.

One thing I took away from that time is the importance of gratitude in daily life. And once you really begin to focus on gratitude, you may see how at a deeper level, generosity is gratitude in action. This was a saying I tried to promote back then. Generosity is gratitude in action.

When you feel grateful in your life for whatever, you then might take it a step further and perform some sort of act of generosity for the purpose of solidifying that gratitude into something more concrete.

Generosity in Action

Whether you are generous with your time, your money or your spirit… all perfectly respectable ways of being generous.

Volunteering your time. Donating money. Or sending positive vibes, prayers or whatever you consider to be spiritual generosity. These types of things can make life more wonderful.

In my clinic, I like to throw in a little something extra when time allows. Or I like to donate auction items for worthy causes. I rarely see a return on these things in the traditional business sense, but I like to share the good fortune I have in my life with others.

I am deeply, deeply grateful for the friends I have, the family I have known forever, the basics of good living and the ability to love and share and enjoy and improve. All vital to my personal well-being.

What is vital for your well-being? What can you do when you recognize the gratitude in your heart? How can you show your gratitude with acts of generosity? All things that may be valuable this time of year to think about. 

Exercising the power of gratitude may be a perfect way to start improving your health and wellness as we head toward the new year ahead.

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