EmSella Incontinence Treatments to Improve Your Pelvic Floor

Incontinence Treatments

Unlike traditional incontinence treatments, Emsella  strengthens your pelvic floor muscles so you can have your confidence back.  It is now available right here in Tucson, Arizona.


Let’s Talk About What EmSella is…

EmSella is best described as a Super Kegel machine. In less than a half hour, seated and fully clothed on this chair, you will get just shy of 12 thousand pelvic floor contractions.

Why would someone want that, you might ask?

Well, the EmSella has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate all kinds of incontinence for both men and women. What this means is getting rid of or greatly reducing dependence on pads and/or adult diapers. 

If you’re thinking that the Depends people don’t like this device, you would probably be correct. 

Incontinence is an expensive problem to have. Some estimate pads alone cost thousands a year. And despite all the best efforts, there is really no way to disguise the odor associated with incontinence other than to stop the leaking. This is what EmSella does. It stops or greatly reduces the leaking. Save your money! Save your dignity!

What to Expect from EmSella Incontience Treatments

When being treated on the EmSella, there is no disrobing required like many incontinence treatments. You remain fully clothed. Nothing is inserted into the body. You merely come in and sit upright and straight on the EmSella chair. We help you find the best position and we set you up for the 28 minute treatment. You come in once or twice a week for 6 sessions total. That’s it. The research shows outstanding results. Our EmSella patients love the THRONE. We love it too.

HIFEM is the type of energy used in the EmSella. This is energy similar to an MRI. HIFEM stands for High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic energy. The BTL engineers have programmed the chair to deliver between 11 thousand and 12 thousand pulses to the perineal area between your legs. That’s A LOT of Kegels. Imagine how long it would take you to perform this yourself.

Why It Works

 The pelvic floor is the key to arresting incontinence. Both urinary and bowel incontinence are treated by the exercise called Kegels. A doctor made these famous. Dr. Kegel originally proposed his exercise regime in 1948 as an alternative to surgery, which he believed to be inefficient and sometimes unnecessary. 

In men, these pelvic floor muscles are responsible for urinary continence, fecal continence, and ejaculation. Scientists are in the process of doing research studies on sexual performance enhancement from using the EmSella chair. We will let you know ASAP when the results come in. 

Are Emsella Incontinence Treatments Right for You?

EmSella is FDA cleared for treatment of incontinence for both men and women.

Have you recently given birth vaginally? 

EmSella incontinence treatments can help. 

Do you leak when you run, cough, laugh hard? 

EmSella can help. 

A single session of incontinence treatments often yields some results. After a series of 6, there should be marked improvement. Some people need a few more sessions. We are committed to you getting the best possible results. We would love for you to come in and see if we can help.

Scientific research shows that 95% of treated patients reported significant improvement in their quality of life. Meaning less money spent on pads or diapers, less trash to dispose of, less odor ruining your self-esteem. Sounds good, right?

CrossFit moms, older adults both men and women, runners, post-menopausal women…

What does it feel like? When you first sit on the chair clothed, you will have a chance to position yourself so that the active part of the seat is directly under your perineum (slang term is taint). Once you are positioned correctly, we will switch to the programmed session. We control the intensity of the contractions to your comfort level. You will feel a unique tingling sensation while the muscles contract. All of our patients have adjusted to the sensation quickly. After 28 minutes, you are done.

Is there downtime? No downtime whatsoever. After your session, you stand up and walk away. Many patients report immediate improvement to some degree.

At Accelerated Body Evolution, we want to help our patients to reach their body goals. Whether that is to reduce or stop incontinence or to grow more muscle tissue or reduce fat volume or just general wellbeing. We have the cutting-edge devices to help you get where you want to go.

Ready to get started?  Call or Contact Us today!

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