How to Lose Body Fat Volume with Vanquish Me

How to Lose Body Fat Volume with Vanquish Me

If you want to learn how to lose body fat volume, try Vanquish Me. It uses radio frequency to disrupt fat cells to the point they die. Your body then has to break the remnants apart and evacuate them. This is done by the lymphatic and circulatory systems in unison.

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Each of the little divots in the Vanquish Me is a teeny tiny little radio antenna. And the device is quite powerful at 200 watts when on full power. That’s a lot of power. As a matter of fact we put the tower fan we use to keep your skin cooler and dry on a different outlet due to the enormous power needed for the Vanquish Me.

How to Lose Body Fat Volume Fast!

You will be positioned by one of us here at ABE for the best results. Sometimes this is lying down and sometimes this is seated perpendicular to the treatment table/bed. We adjust the panels of the device around the body part you want to “shrink”. We then turn on the power and the screen on the Vanquish Me will tell us the level of proper placement by a number between 1-100. We want to get you between 90-100% for maximum fat burning.

We then turn on a fan that will cool your epidermis or outer skin while the radio antennas heat up the underneath layer of skin (Dermis) and the fat beneath. The radio signal does not do anything to the muscle or bone in the area. It just hits the fat and causes it to die. We do not want you to perspire without cooling the sweat from your body bc the RF can make the water get hot enough to give a little superficial blister. It is a warm treatment. It is important to remember we only need to get the tissue up to 40-45 degrees Celsius. This is only 104-113 degrees Fahrenheit. Not worse than a really hot AZ day in summer. But because it is focused on a smaller area, it feels hotter. But it’s not.

As the fat dies, and your body works to evacuate it from you, you MUST drink a lot of fluids. I mean a lot. I don’t want you to kill yourself by drinking too much water, but the more hydrated you are the better your results. And if you get a blob of hardened tissue that is tender to the touch… well, congratulations! That’s a blob of dead fat trying to make its way out of your body. It got stuck. The good news is it’s dead fat. It will take time to move along. You can help that by drinking even more water and massaging the area. One patient used a soap bar in the shower to vigorously massage the nodule. The warm water with the massage using the slippery soap got things moving along. Do not panic if you get one of these. Just drink more fluids and when you think of it, massage the area.

What to Expect

We recommend coming in for Vanquish Me treatments every 2-6 weeks depending on your age. None of us heal as quickly as we age. So the older you are the more you need time for these cool devices to do their magic. Super young patients (18-30) only have to wait a week or 2. Patients in their 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s are scheduled out monthly. Just for the time to let your lymphatic system clear out remnants of the fat cells. Sometimes a patient is well served to visit a lymphatic drainage specialist and we know a great one and can refer you for help if you body just isn’t cooperating as quickly as you would like. Call and ask us for this referral.

So that, in a nutshell, is how to melt fat on a large body area. Vanquish Me can reduce fat volume in the abdomen, the thighs, the back (bra fat or muffin top or flanks). We have the Exilis for smaller areas like arms etc.

After your Vanquish Me treatments have killed that fat, you may have loose skin. This is something that Exilis Ultra is great for as well. So we may follow-up with that. Keep in mind that the Vanquish Me final results may not be visible until 4 week after your last treatment. 

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