EmSculpt Healthy Fat Loss and Muscle Building in Tucson

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EmSculpt can help you achieve the kind of healthy fat loss you want faster than you thought possible right here in Tucson, Arizona.

Green Questions

Let’s Talk About What EmSculpt is…

EmSculpt is a medical device that uses energy that is much like an MRI (HIFEM, High Intensity Electro-Magnetic) energy.

The engineers at BTL have devised a way for this device to deliver 20,000 pulses of this energy insanely rapidly. These pulses cause your muscle group under the applicator to contract very, very deeply. These contractions, in turn, make your muscle tissue do 3 things throughout the 3 phases over a 5 minute cycle. One, it helps grow your muscle. Two, it helps your fat cells (most specifically belly fat) program themselves for apoptosis (cell death) about 4-5 days after each treatment which the body then pushes back out of your body. And three, the program has a phase that pushes the lactic acid (the biochemical that causes muscle soreness and stiffness) out from the muscle tissue. These three phases rotate 6 times during the 30 minute session. Build muscle, “kill” fat cells, and keep you from experiencing intense muscle soreness. 

What to Expect

Some patients ask, well if you can treat buttocks, I don’t want my butt fat to disappear. I just want a more muscular butt. We asked BTL the same question. It turns out that belly fat is a bit different than the fat on your backside. While the average fat volume reduction is 19% over 4 EmSculpt sessions on your abdomen, the buttock area has a little different protocol and the fat there is different so that the loss there is limited to less than on tenth of one percent (.01%).

Most people want to know what this feels like. It is a unique sensation that is not remotely uncomfortable. The sooner you can relax into the treatment the better it is. We start you slow with lower intensity and build you up to your own level of tolerance. Everybody is different. We notice men tend to struggle with relaxing into it more than women do. 

What Body Parts Can Be Targeted for Healthy Fat Loss?

The body parts we can do are the abdomen, the buttocks and the quadriceps. These parts use the larger applicators. We NOW HAVE the smaller curved applicators that we use to treat the biceps/triceps and the calves. When doing the arms, it is 2 sessions one after the other to work both major muscle groups in the upper arms. Come in and see the results you can get on your arms. Truly mind-blowing.

Emsculpt Before and After for Men

EmSculpt Packages for Healthy Fat Loss

The packages we have incorporate 4 sessions that we try to get you in for over 2 weeks. Then we ask you to continue to drink plenty of fluids to help move the destroyed fat cells from your body and to get more active to help with your results and improve your health. After 4-5 weeks, we will want to see you again for after photos. When you come in for your follow-up appointment and photos/scan, we will gift you with a free 5th session on the body part you had done. Just to thank you for coming back and letting us see how great you look.

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