Your Client Consultation 

We here at Accelerated Body Evolution understand that it can be weird, intimidating or anxiety producing reaching out and asking for a client consultation.

We decided to offer an easier solution. We give tours. So come in for a tour. We want to get to know you and have you get to know us so you feel confident in allowing us to facilitate the change you want to see for yourself.

The tour allows you to see our devices. If you are interested in EMSculpt, we can give you a 5 minute demo, if the device is not being used by a patient. 

If you like what you see and feel comfortable with us and the clinic, we can often do a consultation after the tour. We will then ask you to fill out paperwork including a medical history. Important things to find out from other healthcare providers (if you don’t already know) are if you had your tubes tied, what was the method used? Were metal clips left inside you? Are you menstruating? What medications are you on? What diagnoses have you had throughout your life? Things like that.

Client Consultation for Body Sculpting

In the consultation for body sculpting, we will scan your body with our fancy scanner. It uses the same technology as an XBox Kinect. Please wear very form fitting clothing or we can provide you with some paper undergarments for the scan. You then step onto the carousel that is like a human size cake decorating carousel. The computer then asks you to stand a bit like Superman with your arms and legs spread out. It then begins rotating slowly while the scanner scans you. From this the computer calculates all your circumferential measurements, your body’s surface areas in square inch measurements and your volume measurements in gallons. Additionally it will weigh you and estimate your body fat percentage. All this data is stored in that computer and an email is sent to you with that data for your records. 

We then take photos of you. And then we have you stand in front of our mirror and talk with us about your body concerns. What body part are you most concerned about? What are your concerns? We then assess together from the outside in. 

What about the skin on the area? Skin tone, laxity, discoloration, scars, stretch marks, bumps and ripples, divots and drooping. 

Then we move to the fat layer. Is there more fat volume than you would like? How is the fat appearing? Is it “fluffy” fat or more fibrous fat? 

Then we go deeper to the muscle layer. Do you have adequate muscle in the area or do you want more muscle? Are you more interested in the function of the body part or the aesthetics of it or both? 

How lean are you overall? 

What is your diet like? 

How engaged do you want to be in the process… in other words, are you going to work with us by eating well and being more active or are you wanting us to do all the heavy lifting? 

If you don’t want to help yourself reach the body goals you have and are asking us to do ALL the heavy lifting, the package price will have to go up exponentially bc we will need to do far more treatments than if you help us by drinking plenty of healthy fluids and eating well and getting more active. You may get sticker shock when you see how much a difference a 25 min or longer walk daily can help with reaching your goals with less time and LESS MONEY!

It’s in your very best interest to do your part to get you to the vision in your mind of what you want your body to look like.

Client Consultation for Incontinence

If you are visiting us to learn about incontinence, we also do tours. We show you the device. You can sit on it while it’s not running and see what it’s like. We then take a medical history of you and have you rate your incontinence level. Dripping, dribbling, leaking, stress leaking, overnight issues, not fully voiding, or diaper use are all things we’ve heard here. Then once you’re comfortable with everything and ready to sign up, we have you sit on the chair, clothed. If you have metal in your clothing we give you a pair of paper boxers to put on. You sit in the chair and off you go. The energy the chair puts out is a little weird feeling at first. Never painful.


No metal can be in the area of HIFEM energy. No electronic implanted devices like pacemakers or insulin pumps etc may be used while on HIFEM devices. Lulemon adds metallic threads to their clothing so no Lululemon. We have paper pants if you forget. Women may not be menstruating during the time they are on our devices. Please be brutally honest on your medical history so we can keep you safe and healthy. 

We love our patients and want you to become one!

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