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How did Accelerated Body Evolution come into existence?

I am Missy Rust, LSO, the owner of Accelerated Body Evolution. I have always had a weak core. No matter how many crunch type of exercises I did, I couldn’t grow a strong core. (Nor could I workout enough for a decently rounded butt!)

I heard about EmSculpt on a TV talk show and thought to myself, what is this voodoo? It cannot possibly be true. I immediately asked the oracle...Google… and sure enough. EmSculpt was a real thing. 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes with no muscle soreness or stiffness? I did a quick search AND THERE WERE NO PRACTICES IN TUCSON. I had to drive to Phoenix metro for my treatments. I did a series on my abs and my buttocks. I could tell the difference quite quickly, but the REAL results didn’t show up until about week 4-5 after my last treatment. It was mind-blowing. I didn’t even need photos to tell. I could feel it with my own two hands. My buttocks had grown and my entire abdominal set of muscles had gotten tighter and stronger. My mild back pain had not been acting up either. WOW!

Very long story short, about 2 months later I called a rep at BTL, the EmSculpt manufacturer and after talking with him I decided Tucson needed to have this technology. I am sure there will be copycats. The devices at Accelerated Body Evolution are superior than any other technology out there at this time. Less treatment time, better outcomes and several medical research articles proving its efficacy. 

Meet the Staff

Missy Rust, LSO is the owner of Accelerated Body Evolution.  I, along with my staff and Medical Director, are committed to getting you the best possible results. We want you to be strong, active, smooth and toned.

Dr. Vincent Marino is the Medical Director for Accelerated Body Evolution. He has been an MD for over 30 years. He has been in the medical cosmetic world for over 15 years. He oversees all our procedures and is a Medical Director for several clinics in AZ. He knows and understands the needs of patients to feel good about their bodies and to have a great sense of overall wellbeing. Confidence from within.

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