Strong Active Smooth Toned - 20,000 abs, buttock, quad, biceps, triceps or calf contractions in 30 minutes. No sweat!

We are temporarily closed

due to Missy having 2 underlying medical issues that put her at risk of a worse outcome from infection. 

We will reach out when able to reopen. Meantime enjoy the information on the website and look forward to a new protocol that makes the pelvic floor tightening EMSella even better and more effective. 

If you sign up with your contact info we will add you to our mailing list where we will be sending out educational information while the Covid-19 virus situation unfolds

Please stay healthy and eat well, drink lots of healthy fluids, and be active outdoors. We love our patients and want you to become one!

Ready to Learn What Body Sculpting Can Do for You?

Accelerated Body Evolution is the premier body sculpting HIFEM clinic in Tucson with many high tech, non-invasive, non-surgical methods to increase muscle size, decrease fat volume and smooth and tone your body skin. We scoured the medical options available to help our patients reach their #bodygoals more quickly and safely. 

If you are looking for amazing results from non-surgical body shaping and contouring, you have found the right place.

We are the only provider in Tucson with the amazing EmSculpt… this device has been clinically proven to, on average, increase muscle size by 16% and reduce fat volume by 19%. We say, don’t freeze your fat… grow your muscle while you reduce fat.

Body Sculpting Works

Non-Surgical Solutions to Stubborn Problems

Nonsurgical body sculpting is used to reduce fat without the need for dangerous and expensive surgical options. There are a variety of nonsurgical fat reduction procedures we offer to our patients. These procedures aim to help reduce or remove stubborn areas of body fat to re-shape and redefine different areas of the body.

Many patients have previously tried everything just to rid certain spots on their bodies of stubborn fat without much success.  Our solutions help change that and give them the body they want. 

Our Body Sculpting Clinic Is Here For You

Our clinic is a beautiful oasis on the near NW side of Tucson. Come in and let us show you what the future holds for body sculpting. We focus only on the body. If you have plateaued in your workouts, or you want more core strength for your athletic pursuits, or you just want to look better and feel better in your own skin, let us talk with you about what your specific desires are and give you a plan for achieving and maintaining the best body you can.

What We Want for You

 We want all our patients to be strong, active, smooth and toned. Together we can get there in less time and with less stress than you might think.

Issues we can help with:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Get you over a fitness plateau
  • Recover muscle tissue after an illness or injury (we are not Physical Therapists but have ways of helping)
  • Look more attractive and have greater inner confidence
  • Incontinence
  • Cellulite
  • Loose skin
  • Overall well being

We love our patients and want to meet you! Come in soon for a tour and we can give you a consultation if you're ready to get stronger in less time with less effort. HotBod by ABE

Ready to get started?  Call or Contact Us today!

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